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Day 1


9.00 – 9.30

Check-in and breakfast at Broholm Slot, Sydfyn. (15 min. E45 exit Nyborg)


9.30 – 11.00

Why we collaborate according to the cognitive sciences


This slot is a crash course in the neurochemical psychological actions and reactions in mind and body during negotiations and gives you an understanding of which buttons to push and not to push to achieve optimum results: 


°   The neural human connectedness

°   Prosocial vs. asocial behaviour: the person – substance divide

°   The universality of emotions: what it is, why we have them, why they influence or even determine the outcome of negotiations

°   The importance of building rapport with others during negotiations

°   The basis of collaboration: trust, fairness and kindness


11.00 – 13.00

How to negotiate with greater efficiency


This slot teaches you how to build the foundation for an efficient negotiation environment by adapting a negotiators-as-partners approach to negotiation


°   Positional vs. principled negotiation

°   How to shift from zero-sum to maximizing negotiation

°   How to analyse and address the hierarchies of interests – yours and theirs to know what matters most, and gauge unseen possibilities.

°   How to handle and work around steadfast claims



Lunch & emails  

14.00- 16.00


How to create a fruitful negotiation environment


This slot teaches you how to put your knowledge of prosocial behaviour into play to calm down the people you negotiate with and gain their trust to ease negotiations and obtain better results


°   How to communicate pro-socially

°   How to build rapport with the people you negotiate with

°   How to analyse and address the hierarchies of emotions and underlying needs – yours and theirs – know what drives yours and their behaviour



How to overcome obstacles during negotiations


This slot teaches you to overcome what you perceive as dead-end obstacles during negotiations by applying a systematic approach as an alternative to damaging the negotiation environment, trying to coerce, giving in or breaking off negotiations:


How to handle personal attacks and negative emotions


°   Separate the person from the problem

°   Investigate unmet needs via emotional outbursts

°   Explicitly negotiate their tactics

°   When to ignore and when to address personal attacks and negative emotions


How to handle “difficult” people during negotiations (i.e. legal advisors)

°   Analyse and address drivers behind difficult behaviour

°   Express concern – do not react emotionally or judge, re-negotiate the terms of negotiations, or better yet kindly announce your company approach to negotiations prior to negotiations


How to handle tricky tactics: threats, dubious authority



Coffee break at approx. 15.30 -16.00 pm





Wine and surprise



Day 2



Breakfast and check-out


How to stay calm during negotiations

This slot teaches you to bypass unfruitful and untrained responses during rough patches in negotiations like striking back, developing mistrust in the people you negotiate with, attempting to hide angry emotions, giving in or breaking off negotiations.


°   Reduce all uncertainty (what is your mandate and what do management expect?)

°   How to handle personal attacks

°   Know and handle your hot buttons

°   Thought and body techniques to stay calm



Lunch & emails  


How to efficiently close a good deal

This slot teaches you how to remove obstacles and persuade the people you negotiate with to close a good deal


°   Look for mutual gains

°   Develop a catalogue of possible solutions

°   Use objective criteria



The negotiator as an ambassador

Negotiators set the tone for the professional relationship years to come – which impression would you like to leave?




Exchange of business cards and farewells