Building strong relationships in m&a, joint ventures and partnerships is one of the strongest strategies to succeed in extracting the expected value.

Etnovator works closely with organisations to integrate knowledge of building trust and collaboration systematically into the corporate m&a or partnership strategy, procedures and behaviour. 





Drive greater value from mergers & acquisitions

The popularity of mergers & acquisitions often far exceeds the growth they provide. The most complex reasons for this deal with people, human emotion and professional relationships. These are the most difficult to correct.

This keynote inspires directors, heads, SVPs and C-level management on how to work systematically with building strong human relationships to drive greater value from mergers & acquisitions.

The keynote provides scientific insights into the biology of the human need to relate and gives hands-on advice on how organisations can start building profitable relationships on an individual and corporate level.

Duration: 45-60 minutes


Etnovator offers mediation to overcome conflicts in mergers & acquisitions:


Reaching a dead-end in negotiations either due to problems regarding the negotiation environment or the substance of the deal does not have to result in the parties not reaching an agreement.

Etnovator acts as a mediator, helping both parties to align their interests and come up with solutions. While there is no guarantee for an agreement, mediation highly increases the possibility to reach a deal that is satisfactory to both parties using a systematic and iterative approach.

Mediation is ideal for a two party negotiation and runs over approx. 4-6 iterations.


Etnovator mediates critical post-merger conflicts over i.e. the interpretation of contracts to reduce further damage to the professional relationship and to get back on the agreed track quicker.


Negotiations run the risk of dragging out, causing distress and decreasing the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement thus endangering the possibility of closing a good deal.

Etnovator offers two kinds of negotiation assistance:

  • As broker overseeing that negotiations run smoothly and help both parties overcome dead-ends and obstacles to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement


  • As observer and advisor to help the team:
    • Set and adjust negotiation strategy
    • Set and maintain a fruitful negotiation environment
    • Identify unseen opportunities
    • Overcoming obstacles and dead-ends
    • Handle “difficult” behaviour & tough negotiation tactics
    • Handle negotiation pressure and debrief during breaks
    • Manage and reduce tension and conflict



This intensive two-day training course gives you a deep understanding of why we as human beings collaborate according to the cognitive sciences. You will learn how to apply this knowledge to establish a fruitful negotiation environment in mergers & acquisitions and how to bargain more efficiently over interests, not steadfast claims.

The aim is to help you negotiate smoother and with less tension to achieve greater results. Negotiations built on positive behaviour and mutual respect will help pave the way to fewer post-merger conflicts and integration problems.

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