Two-day intensive course, Broholm Slot, Fyn, 24.-25. September & 2.-3. October 2019


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Dominant behaviour is a frequent part of M&A negotiations and is often thought of as the best negotiation strategy.

But in fact, dominant or a-social behaviour is a risky and very poor negotiation strategy according to a large body of neuroscientific research. A-social behaviour

  • Diminishes trust, collaboration, and problem solving
  • Acidifies the negotiation environment
  • Prolongs negotiations unnecessarily
  • Causes emotional distress on both sides of the table
  • Threatens to shut down negotiations all together
  • Severely limits the incentive to explore better solutions for both

When the negotiation parties are recurring stakeholders in the post-merger, a-social behaviour also

  • Paves the way for post-merger conflicts
  • Damages the future relationship between buyer and seller
  • Eats away at the future value and synergy of the merger



This course teaches you a very effective method to turn around dominant behaviour during negotiations and negotiate better deals.

The very first of its kind, this two-day intensive training course teaches you how to hack into the hardwired neurobiology of human behaviour and interaction during negotiations. It gives you a deep understanding of the drivers behind negotiation behaviour (yours and theirs) and it teaches you how to run negotiations smoother and more effectively by influencing their behaviour and controlling your own to the benefit of the negotiation environment and the future relationship between seller and buyer. In short, this course will keep you two steps ahead in future negotiations.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Set a positive tone for the negotiations and the future relationships with the people you negotiate with
  • Convert a dominant negotiation environment into a collaborative one
  • Handle all types of dominant and unfruitful behaviour from all types of stakeholders in the negotiation room
  • Handle escalating negotiation disputes
  • Stay calm and calm down others during rough patches
  • Manage your immediate emotional unfruitful inclinations such as striking back, getting angry, or exerting dominance and channel these inclinations into fruitful behaviour
  • Reduce negotiation frustration and anxiety on both sides of the table
  • Getting negotiations back on track
  • Overcome dead-end obstacles
  • Create a corporate negotiation strategy and align team negotiation behaviour accordingly


You should expect intensive hands-on training i.e. casework, role-plays and other exercises.

The course revolves around your own experiences and challenges as an m&a negotiator, and enables you to put what you have learned into use straight away.

Alongside the intensive hands-on training, you will learn from exchanging experiences with the rest of the participants and build an m&a network with people from large organisations across sectors in Denmark.

The course is taught in Danish


This course welcomes all professionals who take part in negotiations in mergers & acquisitions; teams, directors, heads, SVPs, and chief negotiations i.e. CFOs and CEOs. External legal and financial advisors are welcome too.

The course welcomes a maximum of 12-14 participants.


Broholm Slot will host this two-day intensive course. Participants stay one person in each suite situated in the castle and the surrounding buildings. Training will take part in the living rooms of the castle. The castle restaurant will serve gourmet meals and snacks throughout the course.


DKK 22.500 + vat per person.   


The course is taught two times in the fall of 2019:

24.-25. September

2nd.-3rd October

Sign up deadline is August 1st 2019


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