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Etnovator is a science-based consultancy operating out of Denmark, who serves the financial sector of buying, growing, and selling great businesses.

By adding scientific knowledge of human cognition and behavior, Etnovator helps private equity and venture funds, investment banks, top tier M&A advisors and organisations navigate the complex human side of a transaction.


Etnovator works to unleash the immense superpower of our shared human social DNA into the financial industry to improve results.

Clients understand how vital the human aspect is to the success of what they do, but they often don´t know how to approach it systematically. Etnovator supplies the missing piece of the puzzle.


Etnovator turns scientific knowledge into efficient and very practical solutions.

Regardless of your role in the investment ecosystem and where you face challenges throughout the investment cycle, Etnovator helps you identify the underlying human dynamics and advises you how to solve them.

Etnovator works with top management and partner level people, who bravely puts egos aside and welcomes a candid view on how they themselves and their organisation unknowingly add to a challenge and who are willing to put in the work to become part of the solution.


Anne-Marie Christensen is the CEO and founder of Etnovator ApS.

Anne-Marie holds a research degree (Magister Artium) in social anthropology from Aarhus University. She has conducted extensive research into cultural perceptions, behavior, and dynamics of interpersonal conflicts. For 15 years she was widely used in the Danish media as an expert on conflict resolution and has published two books – one of them of her  research results. Additionally, she is an experienced mediator and analyst of credibility.

Anne-Marie draws on her own research results in her work as well as on the huge body of insights coming from the world’s leading universities and research institutes on cognition and human behavior.

Currently, she is working on a book on the assessment of credibility in potential investments in private equity funds across Europe.

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Etnovator ApS


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